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Thu Nov 11 21:31:27 UTC 2004

I understand both sides of the coin but I agree with Alex. Also;

[And since most professionals are adults and know that world is filled 
with all sorts of things that _you_ may not like but that others may[...]]

This works both ways, Fedora is a project meant to encourage creativity 
and contribution. It makes no claims to being "The Safest Linux for Your 
Kids!", "Squeamish? Worry not dear fellow, we strive daily to insure 
that you and your family are completely insolated from the peckidillos 
and quirks of others!"

"We either accept all freedom for all people, or we accept no freedom 
for anyone. The happy medium is an illusion."

Of course, Fedora is RH's project, and it is steered by a committee, so 
we must abide by their decsions, but I don't see even mildly-moderately 
offensive screensavers being a huge issue in an Open Source, community 
driven project where creative innovation is desired. Let's try to keep a 
light heart!


Alex Catullo wrote:

>Professionalism in linux is definitely a nice thing, but if you want
>it, go out and get a copy of enterprise Linux. In Fedora, it's all
>about the bleeding edge technology and newest ideas from the
>community, and being "professional" limits that quite a bit. At least
>in fedora ther'es the freedom for the creative things like the
>"unprofessional" barcode and flying toasters screensavers. That's what
>it's all about, the freedom to add any ideas; and that's why Fedora
>isn't "professional"
> "I was rather disappointed with the content in the "WebCollage" and
>"Barcode" screensavers.  These screensavers have since been manually
>removed from my system, but I would have preferred them not to be
>installed by default.  When I install Mac OS or Windows, garbage like
>this is not included.  Why?"
>Because this is Linux. Linux is meant to be that quirky OS that
>releives the boredom of stock operating systems like windows.  If you
>want to be professional, use RHEL. But in Fedora, we strive to endorse
>new ideas, regardless of their "professionality"
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