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Fri Nov 12 00:06:40 UTC 2004

Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:

>tor, 11.11.2004 kl. 16.08 skrev seth vidal:
>>On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 14:58 +0000, chapmanccc at wrote:
>>>To the developers,
>>>The Linux operating system is maturing and we all hope that it will be
>>>a major contender in the home and business markets.  As it approaches
>>>this goal, the customer base changes.  Linux is no longer the "geek
>>>OS" it once was.  Where once the predominant profile of a Linux user
>>>was a young male, you now find fathers and husbands (I am both), women
>>>(I am married to one) and children (I have three).  Linux is my main
>>>OS at home and my wife and oldest child also use it.
>>>With this evolution, a level of professionalism must also take place.
>>>Being that the Fedora project is one of the leading consumer Linux
>>>distributions, I would hope the developers would want to 'lead the
>>>pack' in this area.
>>>This brings me to my point.  I was rather disappointed with the
>>>content in the "WebCollage" and "Barcode" screensavers.  These
>>>screensavers have since been manually removed from my system, but I
>>>would have preferred them not to be installed by default.  When I
>>>install Mac OS or Windows, garbage like this is not included.  Why?
>>>Because the developers strive to build a professional product.  Yes, I
>>>can install items like this with Mac OS or Windows, but I would need
>>>to download or purchase them after installing the OS.
>>>Developers, please be considerate when creating the Fedora
>>>distributions and let's strive to make Linux as professional as
>>I agree, We should have more professional behavior. And since most
>>professionals are adults and know that world is filled with all sorts of
>>things that _you_ may not like but that others may, I think we should
>>respect the differences between people and let adults choose what
>>behavior of their screensavers they want. Therefore, I recommend
>>screensaver preferences! In EVERY DESKTOP! The ability to choose a
>>screensaver must be included in the distribution to put a stop to this
>>anti-professional degradation.
>>oh.. wait.. they're already there.
>Yes they are. But imagine removing those on every damn user profile
>in... lets say a school.
>What really should be done, is split the screensaverpackage in three
>rpms (at least) - "xscreensaver-safe", "xcsreensaver-gl", and
>"xscreensaver-others". At least the two first should be installed by
>default. The reason to split it, is that the gl package can then be
>removed safely from systems where it is not wanted. Simply beckause they
>suck CPU, and on non-hw-3d deployments, you migth not want them.
This is the most constructive suggestion I've seen on the list so far in 
response to this issue, and so I second it.. I am however, somwhat 
curious as to what offensive words popped-up in Barcode.


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