Official Bluecurve Firefox Theme?

Lars E. Pettersson lars at
Sat Nov 13 12:45:33 UTC 2004

On 11/13/2004 01:28 PM, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> Lars E. Pettersson wrote:
>> Will it be possible to also chose the original Firefox theme?
> This is a change that will be made upstream to the "original" theme.

Just to clarify things, so it will always use the Gnome theme used at 
the moment then?

OK, then my only hope is that the original theme, what is called 
"Firefox (default) 2.0, Gerich and Horlander" just now (do not know if 
it has a more official name), will be available as an download from 
Mozilla. I really like the icons used there...

Lars E. Pettersson <lars at>

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