Faster login

Stephan Matthiesen stephan.matthiesen at
Tue Nov 16 12:59:29 UTC 2004


Am Montag, 15. November 2004 21:07 schrieb Mike Hearn:
> Of course, starting services I don't need/want like cups doesn't help
> either ...

Suggestion: Most people probably need cups, but not right from the start 
(usually you first edit a document etc.)

What I do: I disabled all services that are not essential for login. Then I 
have a batch script that starts the rest when the load goes down, i.e. after 
login. So acpid, crond, cups, mysql, httpd, privoxy, wine ... get started 
while I'm already working. (It's a laptop, so I need to boot/shutdown several 
times a day; I need mysql and httpd for some of my databases).
This way I saved something like 40 seconds startup time.

It would be nice if there was a recognized/official way to start non-essential 
services after the login. It could be a simple modification of the existing 
links in /etc/rc5.d/, like:
S85httpd starts http immediately
L85httpd starts it later as a batch job.
There should also information which services depend on each other, and which 
are needed for X. 


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