hp note book with nvidia geforce go 6150 's problem

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Mon Jan 8 14:34:47 UTC 2007

I use kernel-2.6.18-1.2257.fc5, with the kernel's driver. Nvidia also has a driver installer, but last time during compiling it complained something about xorg, and finally failed to start after installation. So I reinstalled the system, and don't use it anymore.

Gian Paolo Mureddu <gmureddu at prodigy.net.mx> 写道: da feng escribió:
> hello,
> I find fedora 5 has a problem with geforce go 6150 graphics card.
> after screen saver is on or during boot up the desktop sometimes looks
> rusty, which means that the color is in a mess. But after reboot X,
> the problems goes. And sometimes the cursor is lost, then it need
> reboot. So I don't know what is wrong, may X has some bugs.
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Are you using the nVidia closed source drivers? If so, try disabling
Hardwre Cursor in your Xorg.conf file, (Option HWCurosr "False", in the
Device section, at the end) and try with that. If you are not running
the nVidia driver, what driver are you using?

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