Starting point for package list for Fedora 7 Desktop spin

Losito Nicola linux at
Fri Jan 12 16:53:13 UTC 2007

Il giorno ven, 12/01/2007 alle 08.46 +0100, Chris Chabot ha scritto:
> Only thing that i'm really missing is thunderbird..
> While its still under (sometimes heated) discussion what mail client 
> people use more, or what could/should be the default, it is quite a 
> popular choice, and without it this message could not have been send :-)

	Hi all,
this is my first email here on the Desktop List so I think it's kind to
say "ciao" to the new people I'll met here.

Thunderbird is for sure a nice software to have included, but if we want
an integrated desktop enviroment it is still behind Evolution and it's
integration with the Address Book and the instant messaging client

I do use Thunderbird too, encourage it's use around the various
platforms, but without an integrated management with Calendar and
Address Book (at least) it's a second tier software on Gnome.

Nicola Losito               kOoLiNuS

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