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Jesse Keating jkeating at
Sat Jan 13 20:24:34 UTC 2007

On Saturday 13 January 2007 15:11, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> beagle (multiple packages) - unless we are ready to switch to
>   tracker,   we should probably include beagle. And I'm not convinced
>   that we are ready to switch...
> f-spot

f-spot is there...

> gimp (multiple)

Sure, I can add this.

> gparted
> planner  - some apps that we probably want to include

Adding these.

> xchat-gnome - not so sure about this one

That was in the list, but I had a bug in my config that was ignoring Extras 
packages.  Whoops!

> bittorrent
> bittorrent-gui
> transmission - I don't know which of these is better, but we should
>   include at least one gui bittorrent client.

Transmission is listed now.  

> cups
> cups-libs - as much as we all hate printing, we will have to include
>   cups :-)

Huh.  I would have thought something would have brought this in...  maybe it 
was because I was ignoring extras (and thus didn't get gutenprint)

> hpijs
> hplip - and unfortunately, these 2 will be needed too, I think.


> sane (multiple) - if we support printing, we should also support
>     scanning


> linuxwacom - ...and maybe tablets ?

Do we really want these on the CD, or could these just be in the big repo?

> NetworkManager-vpnc
> pam_keyring
> nautilus-open-terminal  
> totem-mozplugin - some nice pieces of glue to make the desktop work
>    better

Some of these were in comps, and just not pulled in because of the extras bug.  
Added totem-mozplugin.
> gdb
> sysreport - basic debugging support

Really necessary on the CD?  Couldn't these be added later if really needed?

> system-config-lvm - given that lvm is the default...


> The following may be handy and/or required in certain situations,
> not sure:
> poppler-utils
> psutils
> dcraw
> a2ps
> ftp
> ppp
> bluez-pin
> nscd

If they were 'required' they would get pulled in via rpm requirements no?

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