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Thu May 6 05:54:37 UTC 2010

Do what thou wilt
shall  be the whole  of the Law.

On 5/5/10, Bastien Nocera <bnocera at> wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-05-05 at 10:24 +0200, Yaakov Nemoy wrote:
>> 2010/5/5 Bastien Nocera <bnocera at>:
>> > I'm already discussing this behind closed doors with a few people,
>> > including some RH security people. I'll restart the "negotiations" this
>> > week.
>> Why is this discussion happening in private?
> Because it's already painful enough as it is. I'm not interested in a
> mega-thread with everybody contributing,

<sarcasm>nope. you don't want too many contributions.....</sarcasm>

> but nobody taking charge.

doesn't seem to be a problem here.

> want to have something concrete to present before asking for comments.

charles zeitler

Love is the law, love under will.

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