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Sun Jan 16 08:26:43 UTC 2011

--- Jesse Keating <jkeating at> wrote:

> On 1/15/11 8:28 AM, 夜神 岩男 wrote:
> > Ridiculing Fedora for not having an office suite
> on the
> > LiveCD is still a pretty consistent theme, and it
> is a
> > logical one -- most non-technical users aren't
> going to
> > run, say, a disc burner from the disk drive their
> live CD
> > is inserted into, but they certainly are going to
> web
> > browse and try to write documents or open
> spreadsheets...
> This is a bit of a logical fallacy.  You say this as
> if one could remove 
> the CD burning utility and suddenly have room for an
> office suite.  Or 
> as another poster commended as if you could remove
> planner and suddenly 
> have room for  It just doesn't work that
> way.  People have tried 
> to make room for OO.o by removing tonnes of stuff,
> and what you're left 
> with is a CD that is still oversized and has NO
> applications on it.  So 
> if you abandon OO.o you're left with some space to
> fill up, and yeah, 
> what to fill it with can be a challenge.

What I'm saying is LiveCDs are most effective as a distro
demonstration tool, and one of the most important areas to
demonstrate is the presence of a functioning office suite.

As far as disc burning, having a disc burning utility
included in the LiveCD spin is a little silly since most
PCs and notebooks have one disk drive, and most folks
aren't thinking about burning a disk when the single drive
they own is occupied by a LiveCD distro.

This is considering the majority of demonstration cases.
The technically savvy, old Unix hands and long-time Fedora
users are not who I am concerned with impressing -- the
technical merits of Fedora stand on their own within that
group, and members of that group have other means than the
LiveCD to install from anyway. So it may be useful to
consider the utility of the LiveCD as a LiveCD, and not
primarily as an installation medium.

Regardless the history of Fedora's LiveCD being with or
without an office distro, the present reality is that all
other serious LiveCD distros do include an office suite
and Fedora does not. This puts Fedora at a serious
marketing disadvantage relative to Gentoo, Puppy or
(especially) Ubuntu.

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