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On Thu, 8 Jan 2015 22:47:58 +0100
Peter Laursen <jazcyk at> wrote:

> I am in the process of buying a laptop for travel. it should be
> 13"-14". relatively small and lightweight - and still with *power*.

Cool. There's a number of these out now. 

> I came across:
> They
> have the option to purchase with no OS installed (hooray!) and you
> can choose between different CPUs, RAM configs and disk systems. It
> is also not very expensive specs taken into consideration, really.

ok. I learned long ago when I got some no name brand laptop that the
quality really seems to be less on those. I'd advise looking for
reviews or the like to make sure this place is good quality. (I know
nothing about them personally). 
> But monitor is 3200x1800 pixels on a 13" monitor. And that is the
> problem. This machine is designed for Win8, where the 'tiled
> interface' is DPI-aware and will scale automatically.  I plan to
> install a dual-boot of Win7 and Linux (SuSE or Fedora), and they will
> both be completely hopeless to use on this system as everything
> (icons, controls) will be extremely small in almost every interface
> and application.

You are saying that as a statement. It's incorrect based on what I can

I use both Xfce and gnome on my yogo 2 pro which I have had for about
18 months now with that exact screen. 

gnome handles things pretty much without having to mess with it much at

With Xfce, you have to go to 'settings -> appearance -> fonts' and set
the dpi up from 96. I use 192. That also doesn't do things fully right.
It sometimes starts apps on login before it makes the dpi change and
you have to restart them, or sometimes window title fonts or the like
have to be adjusted in size. Overall however it works just fine.

I don't know about KDE. 

Overall, we can always improve, but hidpi screens are completely usable
now under linux (and have been for a long while). 

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