Linux desktop and high resolution laptops

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at
Fri Jan 9 13:36:07 UTC 2015

Josh Boyer píše v Čt 08. 01. 2015 v 16:58 -0500:
> GNOME and I believe KDE both are working on this continually.  Both
> are already very usable.  I have no idea what XFCE is doing, nor any
> of the other desktop environments.
> > What say? Was it too provocative?

I don't think Xfce can offer any reasonable HiDPI support without
finishing the GTK3 port and because they suffer from lack of
contributors it reportedly may take another 2 years. And that's just
half a way there because from what I have heard it takes implementing
Wayland to bring a complete HiDPI support (coping with several monitors
with different DPIs,...). Wayland is something Xfce developers can't
even think about until they finish the GTK3 port. 
It's a sad truth that small desktops are failing to cope with new
hardware, but we should not blame Linux in general.


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