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Hi Michael,

On Sun, Jan 25, 2015, 7:19 PM Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at gnome.org>

> On Sat, Jan 24, 2015 at 7:32 PM, Liam <liam.bulkley at gmail.com> wrote:

>> No, I don't think it does. They use indexdb so you can store the docs
offline. As Michael said, this feature only just landed in, I guess,
webkit2-gtk (or whatever it's called).

> WebKitGTK+. Why are you looking to replace it?

 I wouldn't put it like that. My concern is that even with the very focused
efforts of folks like yourself the browser is one area that moves too
quickly for anything smaller than a dedicated, substantial team. Our
default browser provides a fantastic runtime that supports any webapp with
no particular effort on our part. Mozilla updates their browser frequently
(generally only with few regressions) and Fedora lands those updates
without having to time them with a new Fedora release.
Frankly I don't see a compelling reason for Fedora not to consider it.


>> Additionally, in the not very distant future, we're going to want to
take a careful look at the servo as a replacement to webkit2 since they are
supporting the chromium embedding framework, and their radically advanced

> Well, I'm curious why you see Chromium Embedded Framework as a strength.
I don't doubt it's great for many purposes, but for GNOME? With WebKit,
Apple has been a fairly good partner, accommodating us to make sure we can
do the things we want to do at every level of their stack. That will never
be permitted with Chromium/Blink.

 First, it's a standard designed for our usages. Second, it would give us
drop-in access to several browser engines (also, the only major WebKit
browser left is safari as opera now uses chromium). Third, I'm speaking
about Fedora, but, IMHO, GNOME should consider it as well for the reasons
given. Fourth, Mozilla is a partner that much more closely approaches our
values and practices.

> Anyway, servo is extremely interesting simply because it's written in
Rust, and hopefully that means a huge security benefit. But it's a research
project in the very early stages of development. We should keep an eye on
it, for sure.

 Rust is certainly interesting but security is only a part of servo's
attractiveness. It's architecture is utterly unique, and results in drastic
layout speedups (with rendering acceleration to come) with less power being

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