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> Well,I think that my post started some c ontroversy (or my post was
> I think the question is: "what is the* audience* for Fedora Desktop?".
> * Is it "Mrs. Smith", who may use WinXP - or even Win98 - currently
("Mrs. Smith" was a term used by Bill Gates almost 15 years ago when he
claimed that ""Mrs. Smith has no need to access the Internet". Soon after
Microsoft included Internet Explorer in Windows! You have an opinion untill
you get another!)
> * Or is it somewhat experienced computer users now using another platform
(Windows, Ubuntu)
> * Or is it *developers*. If so what does that exactly mean?
> I think you have to distinguish *consumers* (accessing content) and
*producers* (contributing content) rather than using th term *developer*..I
don't think any Linux distro or the Linux community as such grapped that
difference really. *consumers* (what is 80-90% of current computer users)
don't need a PC/a full-fledged computer. A tablet or a smartphone is the
ideal solution for them. I only see some understanding  of this in the
"Enlightenment" desktop environment for Linux (but still very buggy).
Anyone not biased should check the Win10 preview - it may very well change
how computers are used by 95% of current computer users. It is "Windows as
a serviee" and as such a much more aggressive approach to current
challenges to the use of computers than Apple ever did it. It could very
well be a revolution. And if you don't agree it doesn't really matter - you
will be wiped away if it happens.
> -- Peter
> -- (a computer professional for 35 yearrs - starting long before the PC,
the C programming language and Linux (or even Windows) was invented.
> -- now with webyog.com, visifire.com, cloudmagic.com and sealion.com

 Yes, that's the fundamental issue but I don't think we're going to get any
movement on this at this point in time. The answer Workstation has gone
with was that it's for both, but with a bit of an emphasis on
developers/producers (I agree that the later term is better and emphasizes
how we should think).
My personal position has been that we should target ONLY producers. Make an
environment that helps them achieve their goals more easily/quicker or even
at all. That's what would draw people to the Fedora Workstation. Being able
to watch movies, read books, share media, etc is something all the other
platforms can already do (and because of our values, those platforms aren't
hampered by being unable to distribute "proprietary" components) and
doesn't distinguish us AT ALL, even if we did those things PERFECTLY.
Providing an environment that allowed video editors to more easily create
the next classic animation, coders to more easily grapple a problem, or
giving sysadmins a better multi tasking de WOULD draw them in. In the end,
we want people who'll contribute and targeting those folks and their needs
is the best way to do that.
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