RFC: Fedora 22 workstation flyer

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at gnome.org
Tue Jun 16 18:15:53 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-06-16 at 13:31 -0400, Josh Boyer wrote:
> Does anyone else from the Workstation WG have more feedback for 
> Ankur?
>  It would be nice for a simple "looks good" if there is nothing
> further the WG would like to see changed.

It looks great as a flyer to give to people who already use Fedora and
want to see what's new in F22 that wasn't there in F21. The "Other
improvements" section is getting a bit technical, but that might be
fine depending on the target audience.

I don't think this would be an effective flyer to hand to people who
don't already use Fedora, since it focuses on changes in F22 and
assumes prior knowledge of the operating system (what is "GNOME
Shell?"). Presumably that's not the target audience of this flyer?

A nit: don't put quotes around overlay scrollbars (or other things that
aren't quotes). That makes it seem like they're not overlay scrollbars
at all, but some sort of euphemism. For example: http://distractify.com/people/the-30-most-unnecessary-uses-of-quotation-marks-in-
history/ -- you "matter" to us means you do not matter to us,
"beer" means the beer is so terrible it's almost not really beer, "new"
underwear means it's been used, etc.


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