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 I've created a #fedora-accessibility channel and am currently idling
in there. I also regularly appear in both #fedora-users and
#fedora-docs. My accessibility feedback is mostly about gnome, but
there is one bug in the anaconda installer, on the installation
destination screen. I've also created a FAS account, but never got the
email with my initial password, so cannot log in to do anything yet.
Fedora is a nice change. I started with vinux, an ubuntu dirivitive
especially for the blind. Then went to arch, then manjaro, now fedora.
I have a very bad tendency to rant, especially when I don't feel
accessibility is given the attention it deserves, but it takes a lot
to get me there. I openly dispise microsoft windows, and proprietary
firmware. I live with the latter because it's necessary to get some
stuff working, but I hope it eventually goes away. About the irc
channel, I thought a copy of the fedora bot that the users channel
uses would be nice, so we can point people at google searches, new
releases will be announced, things like that. I'm still learning my
way around fedora's packaging system but I'm already very impressed.
Especially with  the integration with gnome shell. Gnome software is
Kendell clark

Mark Terranova wrote:
> Greetings Kendell, I am very excited to hear your feedback. Glad to
> hear of transition from user to contributor. I work with many parts
> of Fedora, and can detail some later if need be.
> At this point I wanted to offer any help I can with IRC channel. I
> already do this, and every little bit helps.
> I have a few technical ideas involving our fed-msg bus, but, that
> is for another day. :)
> ALL Hail Tux the Magnificent,
> MarkTerranova
> Doer of stuff with things
> On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 8:22 PM, kendell clark
> <coffeekingms at> wrote:
> hi all I'm a new user to fedora, having just switched over from
> arch two days ago. My name is kendell clark, and I've been using
> gnu/linux since august of 2011. I find fedora, both the operating
> system and the community extremely pleasant and helpful. I'm blind,
> so depend on a screen reader to use my computer. The fact that
> fedora not only includes it out of the box but makes sure it's own
> tools are usable by a blind person is great. Thanks to all the hard
> working people who make fedora a great operating system for someone
> who needs assistive technology. I plan to join the fedora
> documentation team eventually, and to revive the accessibility
> guide which has been languerishing abandoned since, it looks like
> fedora 14. Much of the information is inaccurate, accessibility has
> come a long way and is a lot simpler to set up and use now. I'm
> also planning to set up a #fedora-accessibility channel for
> accessibility related discussions, bugs, etc. Would anyone in the
> main fedora project itself be interested in either moderating or
> idling in there? I was hoping for a few package maintainers, and
> maybe a person or two on the installer team? I'll of course be
> there, and I know of a few other fedora users who are blind, they
> might be there also. I want to make fedora even better, and make it
> an obvious choice for blind users everywhere. The bot from the main
> fedora channel might be useful, so that bug reports, new fedora
> releases, etc could be echoed there. Again, I  can't wait to start
> helping out in fedora and thanks to everyone who puts their time
> and effort into fedora, it's an impressive gnu/linux distro Thanks 
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