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Fri Mar 20 11:59:15 UTC 2015

I think the problem is that, while it is easy to just start typing the
password or press ESC/Enter, these things have close to zero affordance -
it is very much not obvious that this functionality is present.
I think that it would be best to move the password box into the shield, or
move notifications into the password screen, removing the shield
altogether. Either way, there should be clear visual indication of what the
user can do to exit the lock screen.


On Fri, 20 Mar 2015 05:43 Diogo Campos (gmail) <diogocamposwd at>

> Once my monitors are in powersave, I usually nudge the mouse (or hit the
> control key since that can't do any damage) to force it out of powersave. I
> expect my PC to be right where I left it. The shield is not where I left it.
> Try ESC. Or ENTER. (but see below, anyway).
> Just starting to type a password is not the answer. Sure, that may be a
> great shortcut for some people, but it's not obvious that's what I should
> do when I see the shield.
> (drag away a useless shield - because let's face it, it *is* useless)
> given that it serves no purpose
> What you should do when you see the shield is look at the notifications
> and decide *if you really need to login/type-your-password*. So, I
> disagree. It isn't useless. It serves a purpose. (but If you don't use/like
> it, it's ok, just type your password - or hit one of the keys said above).
> And I use lots of computers with lots of operating systems every day, so
> having to do something different on only this one.
> and is a different behavior than every other computer I have ever used
> (including most Linux until recently).
> Really, really, really not sure of this "GS Is The Only One Different"
> claim.
> But, you know, even if really different: different isn't worse. Different
> is Different. Different can be better.
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