Red Hat Engineer plans for Fedora Workstation 24

Christian Schaller cschalle at
Mon Oct 26 17:57:19 UTC 2015

While we haven't gotten F23 out the door yet, the time has come to plan for Fedora Workstation 24. Here is what we have so far.

This was originally written for some of our internal planning, but I thought this content could be of general interest to the community and the working group. It is basically the areas we are looking at internally at RH in terms of features to go into Fedora Workstation 24.

Hopefully publishing this will allow people in the community to align your efforts with ours. Of course these are just our plans, as it always is with such things they might slip as we get closer to the actual release.


H264 - I expect us to have sorted through our Koji changes and have this ready for F24, unless we suddenly start blocking on Cisco. Wim Taymans should start looking at getting Main support added at some point. People involved - Kalev Lember (mclasen), Wim Taymans (Kem), Kevin Fenzi (pfrields)

Hardware enablement
Optimus Handling - Better support in the stack for Optimus systems is another item I expect us to have ready for Fedora 24. People involved: Adam Jackson (kem), Ray Strode (mclasen)

GL Dispatch, EGLstreams and EGL Device - While we would be depending on NVidia supporting this to make a practical step forward for most users I expect us to have the framework ready for Fedora 24. People involved - Adam Jackson (kem)

GPU passthrough in Boxes - I expect us to be able to land this feature in time for Fedora 24 unless we end up blocking on the QEMU/KVM team somehow. People involved - Zeeshan Ali (mclasen)

Laptop certification improvements - While not directly Fedora related I expect that we have started doing some serious work in this field by the time Fedora 24 is out and hopefully can start see some benefit coming out of it in terms of better Fedora and RHEL support on new laptop hardware. People involved - Marek Kasik ( Jiri Eischmann)

Battery life - I am expecting to see some tangible results here in time for Fedora Workstation 24. Initial discussions with HW partner underway. People involved - Josh Boyer (pfrields), Laura Abbot (pfrields), Bastien Nocera (mclasen), Owen Taylor (cschalle)

Enterprise features
GDM/KDC proxy access - Integrate two-factor authentication into GDM. Allan Day investigating design. - Allan Day (mclasen), Ray Strode (mclasen), Alexander Bokovoy (dpal).

Improve Firefox integration and kerberos handling. Martin Stransky (jeischma), Simo Source

libsoup/gssapi integration with kerberos framework. Tomas Popela (jeischma)

Further improvements in GOA UI in relation to kerberos handling. Derbashi Ray (mclasen)

Fleet Commander - I want us to have a initial fleet commander to release alongside Fedora 24. It should support GNOME, Firefox and LibreOffice. People involved (Alberto Ruiz)

Windows RDP remoting - We should tie this into the enterprise login and make sure freerdp can use it to authenticate with the windows system. We should try to test it tested by internal IT. People involved - Ondrej Holy (dblechter), Tomas Popela (jeishma), Oliver Haesller (Internal IT)

System Polish
GUI system upgrade - I expect us to have operating system upgrade available during the Fedora 23 lifecycle in GNOME Software, enabling people to upgrade from Fedora 23 to Fedora 24 through GNOME Software. People involved - Richard Hughes (mclasen) and Kalev Lember (mclasen).

USB Creator - ideally this should be ready in time for Fedora 23 already. With full support for Windows, Mac and Linux. People involved - Martin Briza (jeischma).

Qt integration - In theory we already got a bit of stuff ready here, but we need to do some work to ensure that major 3rd party software using Qt are using the Adwaita theme we made by default. I also hope we can land the high contrast version in time for Fedora 24. People involved - Martin Briza (jeischma).

3rd party software - I expect us to have and agreement with Matthew Miller on a final design of labeling and availability of 3rd party software in time for it to be implemented and available in Fedora 24. So that people can install major software like Chrome, Skype, Spotify, Steam, Viber and more through GNOME Software in Fedora Workstation 24. People involved - Richard Hughes (mclasen), Kalev Lember (mclasen), Matthew Miller (Fedora)

Wayland - I expect us to be shipping Wayland as default in Fedora 24. People involved (Jonas Ã…dahl (mclasen), Olivier Fourdan (kem)  and many more.

XDG app in GNOME Software - We need to have the infrastructure ready to make XDG apps available and upgradable in GNOME Software. People involved - Richard Hughes (mclasen) and Alex Larsson (mclasen)

Developer tooling
Screencasting - top notch screencasting tool built with Pinos - Wim Taymans (kem)

XDG App - We will have Builder ready to make the building and deployment of XDG-apps very simple for Fedora Workstation 24, targeting a CentOS derived runtime. People involved - Christian Hergert (mclasen), Alexander Larsson (mclasen), David King (mclasen)

More developer tools packages - We should look at ways to package some major developer tools as XDG app bundles like PyCharm, Visual Studio (?), MonoDevelop etc. Maybe try to work with upstream projects to make them own this. People involved - TBD.

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