Reminder: Bugzilla UPGRADE to 3.6 on August 13th 9:00 p.m.EDT [01:00 UTC]

John Poelstra poelstra at
Wed Aug 11 15:33:08 UTC 2010

Sending on behalf of Dave Lawrence.  This will affect Fedora too.

REMINDER: Red Hat Bugzilla ( will be unavailable on 
August 13th starting at 9:00 p.m. EDT [01:00 UTC] to perform
an upgrade from Bugzilla 3.4 to Bugzilla 3.6. We are hoping to be 
complete in no more than 5 hours barring any problems. Any
services relying on may not work properly during 
this time. Please be aware in case you need use of those
services during the outage.

Also *PLEASE* make sure any scripts or other external applications that 
rely on are tested against our test
server before the upgrade if you have not done so already (see original 
email below). Let the Bugzilla Team know immediately of any
issues found by reporting the bug in against the 
Bugzilla product, version 3.6.



The Red Hat Bugzilla team is happy to announce another public beta 
release of the next version of Red Hat Bugzilla based on the
upstream 3.6 code base.

Please test drive at:

Over the years Red Hat has made substantial customizations to Bugzilla 
to fit into the Engineering
tool chain. Over time the upstream has incorporated some of these 
customizations or solved them in different ways. Upgrading reduces
our customization footprint (and thus maintenance) while bringing many 
bug fixes & enhancements.

The main area of focus for our public betas is stability. Functionality 
that currently works in our 3.4 code base should continue to
work as expected in the new 3.6 release. These include various ajax 
optimizations, needinfo actor support, frontpage.cgi, product
browser, several various UI enhancements, and of course the XMLRPC API.

Please feel free to point your various scripts and third party 
applications that use the XMLRPC API at the test server to make sure
they continue to function properly.

There are numerous other changes behind the scenes that we haven't 
listed. The goal is to make sure that functionality that people
have come to expect in 3.4 is possible in the new system.

There are also numerous new features/fixes that are part of the upstream 
3.6 release. For more detailed information on what has
changed since the last release, check out the release notes page at .

The database is a recent snapshot of the live database so should be 
useful for testing to make sure the information is displayed
properly and changeable. Also with a full snapshot it is possible to 
test for any performance related issues. Email has been
disabled so that unnecessary spam is not sent out. So
feel free to make changes to bugs to verify proper working order.

We are asking for everyone to get involved as much as possible with 
testing and feedback on the beta releases to help us make this
the most robust and stable release possible.

Please file any enhancement requests or bug reports in our current 
Bugzilla system at . File them under
the Bugzilla product and relevant component with the version 3.6. With 
everyone's help we can make this a great release.

The Red Hat Bugzilla Team

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