Purging the F13 orphans

Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
Thu Jan 28 01:03:51 UTC 2010

It's that time of the release cycle again, to purge the orphans before
we get to feature freeze.  Any unblocked orphans will be purged by the
feature freeze.  A list of unblocked orphans and the broken deps they
would cause is at the end of this email.

Taking ownership of an orphan on the devel collection will prevent them
from being blocked.  Remember, it is OK to let software die.  Don't view
this as a list of things that somebody should pick up if they have the
spare time.  Things should only be revived if there are actual users in
need of the software.

Unblocked orphan apt-mirror
Unblocked orphan avarice
Unblocked orphan backintime
Unblocked orphan bauble
Unblocked orphan clutter-gtkmm
Unblocked orphan cluttermm
Unblocked orphan cohoba
Unblocked orphan dbxml
Unblocked orphan dbxml-perl
Unblocked orphan fbset
Unblocked orphan gdome2
Unblocked orphan gfeed
Unblocked orphan glade2
Unblocked orphan gmfsk
Unblocked orphan gnome-common
Unblocked orphan gtk-qt-engine
Unblocked orphan gtk-sharp
Unblocked orphan isight-firmware-tools
Unblocked orphan jna-posix
Unblocked orphan k3d
Unblocked orphan keyjnote
Unblocked orphan libFoundation
Unblocked orphan libipoddevice
Unblocked orphan libvisual
Unblocked orphan libvisual-plugins
Unblocked orphan libwps
Unblocked orphan mhonarc
Unblocked orphan moodbar
Unblocked orphan nautilus-python
Unblocked orphan nhpf
Unblocked orphan nssbackup
Unblocked orphan oooqs2
Unblocked orphan pdfedit
Unblocked orphan pdumpfs
Unblocked orphan perl-AnyEvent-XMPP
Unblocked orphan perl-DDL-Oracle
Unblocked orphan perl-Jemplate
Unblocked orphan perl-MooseX-Traits-Attribute-CascadeClear
Unblocked orphan perl-RRD-Simple
Unblocked orphan perl-SVN-Mirror
Unblocked orphan perl-SVN-Simple
Unblocked orphan php-pear-Config
Unblocked orphan pic2aa
Unblocked orphan plotutils
Unblocked orphan prctl
Unblocked orphan python-pgsql
Unblocked orphan qca
Unblocked orphan qca-gnupg
Unblocked orphan qca-ossl
Unblocked orphan qca-tls
Unblocked orphan qtoctave
Unblocked orphan recordmydesktop
Unblocked orphan roxterm
Unblocked orphan sbackup
Unblocked orphan showimg
Unblocked orphan smarteiffel
Unblocked orphan synce-kde
Unblocked orphan uisp
Unblocked orphan unifdef
Unblocked orphan windowlab
Unblocked orphan xhotkeys
Unblocked orphan xmms-sid
Unblocked orphan xqilla10
Unblocked orphan yoltia

List of deps left behind by orphan removal:

Orphan: cluttermm
    clutter-gtkmm requires libcluttermm-0.9.so.3
    clutter-gtkmm requires cluttermm-devel = 0.9.4-3.20090907git.fc12
    clutter-gtkmm-devel requires pkgconfig(cluttermm-0.9) = 0.9.4
    clutter-gtkmm-devel requires cluttermm-devel =

Orphan: dbxml
    dbxml-perl requires libdbxml-2.4.so
    dbxml-perl requires dbxml-devel = 2.4.16-0.5.fc12

Orphan: gdome2
    workrave requires libgdome.so.0
    workrave requires gdome2-devel = 0.8.1-9.fc12

Orphan: gnome-common
    anerley requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    at-spi requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    avant-window-navigator requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    control-center requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    cowbell requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    cups-pk-helper requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    dalston requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    epiphany requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    evolution requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    evolution-data-server requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    evolution-exchange requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    evolution-rspam requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    evolution-rss requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gconf-editor requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gedit requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gedit-vala requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gjs requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gnome-commander requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gnome-desktop requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gnome-disk-utility requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gnome-screensaver requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gnome-session requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gnome-shell requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gnome-system-monitor requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gnome-utils requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gobject-introspection requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gthumb requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    gtkhtml3 requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    hornsey requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    jana requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    libgnomecups requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    liblicense requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    moblin-app-installer requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    moblin-panel-applications requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    moblin-panel-media requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    moblin-panel-myzone requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    moblin-panel-pasteboard requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    moblin-panel-people requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    moblin-panel-status requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    mutter-moblin requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    network-manager-netbook requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    notification-daemon requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    sound-juicer requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    vala-tools requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    vino requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12
    yelp requires gnome-common = 2.28.0-1.fc12

Orphan: gtk-sharp
    avahi-ui-sharp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    avahi-ui-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    banshee requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    banshee requires mono(atk-sharp) =
    banshee requires mono(gnome-sharp) =
    banshee requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    banshee requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    banshee requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    banshee requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    banshee requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    banshee-mirage requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    bareftp requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    bareftp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    bareftp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    bareftp requires mono(gnome-sharp) =
    bareftp requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    beagle requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    beagle-evolution requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    beagle-evolution requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    beagle-gnome requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    beagle-gnome requires mono(gnome-sharp) =
    beagle-gnome requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    beagle-gnome requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    beagle-gnome requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    beagle-gnome requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    beagle-gnome requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    beagle-thunderbird requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    chronojump requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    chronojump requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    chronojump requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    chronojump requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    chronojump requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    evolution-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    f-spot requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    f-spot requires mono(gnome-sharp) =
    f-spot requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    f-spot requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    f-spot requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    f-spot requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    f-spot requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    f-spot-screensaver requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gbrainy requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gbrainy requires mono(gnome-sharp) =
    gbrainy requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    gbrainy requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gbrainy requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    gbrainy requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    gecko-sharp2 requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gecko-sharp2 requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gmime-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gnome-desktop-sharp requires mono(art-sharp) =
    gnome-desktop-sharp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gnome-desktop-sharp requires mono(gnome-sharp) =
    gnome-desktop-sharp requires mono(atk-sharp) =
    gnome-desktop-sharp requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    gnome-desktop-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gnome-desktop-sharp requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    gnome-do requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    gnome-do requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    gnome-do requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gnome-do requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gnome-guitar requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    gnome-guitar requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gnome-guitar requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    gnome-rdp requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    gnome-rdp requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    gnome-rdp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gnome-rdp requires mono(vte-sharp) =
    gnome-rdp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gnome-sharp requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    gnome-sharp requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    gnome-sharp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gnome-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gnome-sharp requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    gnome-subtitles requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gnome-subtitles requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    gnome-subtitles requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    gnome-subtitles requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    gnome-subtitles requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    gnome-subtitles requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gsf-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gtksourceview-sharp requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    gtksourceview-sharp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gtksourceview-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    gtksourceview2-sharp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    gtksourceview2-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    ipod-sharp requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    ipod-sharp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    ipod-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    mono-addins requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    mono-addins requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    mono-addins requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    mono-addins requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    mono-tools requires mono(gtkhtml-sharp) =
    mono-tools requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    mono-tools requires mono(gnome-sharp) =
    mono-tools requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    mono-tools requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    mono-tools requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    mono-tools requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    monsoon requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    monsoon requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    monsoon requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    monsoon requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    muine requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    muine requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    muine requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    muine requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    notify-sharp requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    notify-sharp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    notify-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    themonospot-gui-gtk requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    themonospot-gui-gtk requires mono(glade-sharp) =
    themonospot-gui-gtk requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    tomboy requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    tomboy requires mono(gnome-sharp) =
    tomboy requires mono(pango-sharp) =
    tomboy requires mono(glib-sharp) =
    tomboy requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    tomboy requires mono(gconf-sharp-peditors) =
    tomboy requires mono(gconf-sharp) =
    webkit-sharp requires mono(gdk-sharp) =
    webkit-sharp requires mono(gtk-sharp) =
    webkit-sharp requires mono(glib-sharp) =

Orphan: libvisual
    gstreamer-plugins-base requires libvisual-0.4.so.0
    gstreamer-plugins-base requires libvisual-devel = 0.4.0-9.fc12
    libvisual-plugins requires libvisual-0.4.so.0
    libvisual-plugins requires libvisual-devel = 0.4.0-9.fc12
    projectM-libvisual requires libvisual-0.4.so.0
    projectM-libvisual requires libvisual-devel = 0.4.0-9.fc12
    xmms2 requires libvisual-0.4.so.0
    xmms2 requires libvisual-devel = 0.4.0-9.fc12

Orphan: nautilus-python
    nautilus-phatch requires nautilus-python = 0.5.1-5.fc12
    phatch requires nautilus-python-devel = 0.5.1-5.fc12
    postr requires nautilus-python-devel = 0.5.1-5.fc12
    postr requires nautilus-python = 0.5.1-5.fc12
    tortoisehg-nautilus requires nautilus-python = 0.5.1-5.fc12

Orphan: perl-MooseX-Traits-Attribute-CascadeClear
    perl-Fedora-Bugzilla requires
perl(MooseX::Traits::Attribute::CascadeClear) = 0.03

Orphan: perl-SVN-Mirror
    perl-SVK requires perl(SVN::Mirror) = 0.75

Orphan: perl-SVN-Simple
    perl-SVK requires perl(SVN::Simple::Edit) = 0.27
    perl-SVN-Mirror requires perl(SVN::Simple::Edit) = 0.27

Orphan: plotutils
    enblend requires plotutils-devel = 2.5-7.fc12
    enblend requires libxmi.so.0
    gwave requires plotutils = 2.5-7.fc12
    pspp requires libplot.so.2
    pspp requires plotutils-devel = 2.5-7.fc12
    pstoedit requires libplotter.so.2
    pstoedit requires plotutils-devel = 2.5-7.fc12

Orphan: qca-gnupg
    psi requires qca-gnupg = 2.0.0-0.4.beta3.fc12

Orphan: qca-ossl
    kdenetwork requires qca-ossl = 2.0.0-0.8.beta3.fc12
    kmess requires qca-ossl = 2.0.0-0.8.beta3.fc12
    psi requires qca-ossl = 2.0.0-0.8.beta3.fc12

Orphan: recordmydesktop
    gtk-recordmydesktop requires recordmydesktop =
    qt-recordmydesktop requires recordmydesktop =

The script that generated this page can be found at 
There you can also report bugs and RFEs.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- Freedom² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating
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