Proposed F19 Feature: Enterprise / distributed two-factor authentication

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Tue Jan 29 14:48:21 UTC 2013

= Features/EnterpriseTwoFactorAuthentication =

Feature owner(s): Daniel Pocock <daniel at>

Provide a flexible solution for two-factor authentication on a distributed 
basis, suitable for enterprise and SSO. 

== Detailed description ==
Most OTP solutions for two-factor authentication require some kind of storage 
backend for counters or other volatile data. Early implementations work with 
flat files on a single host. dynalogin was created to bring stability and 
flexibility, storing counters in just about any type of database. Other 
solutions such as totp-cgi have similar goals (although it only mentions 
Postgres support, whereas dynalogin can use MySQL thanks to UNIXODBC). 
dynalogin has been successfully integrated with the SimpleID provider for 
OpenID authentication. 

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