Cleaning up "Preferred Applications" & Desktop Consistency

Nicolas Mailhot Nicolas.Mailhot at
Wed Dec 24 14:23:59 UTC 2003

Warren Togami wrote:
In the name of end-user application consistency, Konqueror could use
> some extra key-bindings by default to make it behave like Mozilla.  The 
> following do not conflict with current Konqueror defaults.
> CTRL-W   Close current tab.
> CTRL-+   Larger font.
> CTRL--   Smaller font.

Well, since you are at this, as far as I know every single browser on 
the market (be it IE, Opera, Mozilla, Galeon, Konqueror) is configured 
by default or can be configured to zoom the text with ctrl+mouse-wheel. 
Which might seem useless for laptop users but is crucial for normal 
desktops, since about every single mouse sold nowadays has a wheel (or 

Of course, there had to be an exception and in this case the exception 
is Epiphany (single reason why I could never stand it btw) - which is 
kind of strange since this is one control that would not clutter the GUI 
and infringe on the HIG. Therefore I propose :
- that Epy be fixed to conform to the de-facto zooming standard
- that ctrl+wheel be used as alternate zooming control in all apps that 
need one (preferably keeping the same direction as + :)

Another good thing would be to standardise the actions of the fourth and 
fifth buttons one can find on some mice (not counting the wheel), but 
right now they are still in the minority and no common usage has emerged 
yet I think


Nicolas Mailhot

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