rawhide report: 20050428 changes

Martin Stransky stransky at redhat.com
Mon May 2 07:24:06 UTC 2005

Yes, I'll improve ainit or other sound tools for easy enable/disable 
dmix, because people with good sound card realy don't need it.

>>i'll have to check that out on my audigy2 tonight.  assuming I can get
>>it to work, it hasn't worked since fc4t2 install.
>>If that is the case then the logic behind enabling dmix should look for
>>cards that already support hardware audio multiplexing and not enable
>>dmix.  better yet, the alsa mixer should have an option to enable and
>>disable software mixing.
> It's supported hardware mixing just fine on my live card for a long
> time.  The recent changes resulted in much scratchier sound for me
> when using applications that don't use a direct ALSA output.  (Sound
> output from the proprietary Flash plugin, for example.)  It looks
> to me like ainit is turning on dmix even for my card which supports
> hardware mixing; I'd rather it didn't.
> John Thacker

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