Fedora core suggestions

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri Apr 21 19:29:16 UTC 2006

David-Paul Niner wrote:

> Those are some truly great suggestions; No one reasoning logically
> should have any reason whatsoever to be offended. 

I am fairly hard to offend - what you read was disagreement.

> It would be nice if the newly-revamped Fedora governing body could
> include representation from the non-technical community.  I realize this
> is probably a "pie-in-the-sky" expectation, and I can't imagine how one
> would go about selecting a person (or persons) for this role, but if
> this could somehow be accomplished then the distribution itself would be
> more universally appealing.

Could you explain a little deeper about how inclusion of "representation 
from the non-technical community" at the beginning of your paragraph 
gets Fedora to be "more universally appealing" by the end?

> 1.  Pre-release non-technical user testing.

The test releases merely need to be given to non-technical users -- by, 
eg, you -- for this to happen.

> 2.  Marketing.

Why?  I know why a commercial product is marketed, the goal is to 
maximize profit.  But I'm not sure of the application to Free software. 
  If you have some philosophical basis for it I am interested to hear 
it, but you just assume marketing Free software is a righteous goal.

>>From the parent post:
> "Upgrading needs to be fail proof from version to version. Previously
> installed drives with personal user data needs to be able to be retained
> without fail from upgrade to upgrade if the user isn't doing a clean
> install." 
> Response:
> "Fedora is very decent at this already."
> This sort of response shows no willingness to re-examine current
> practices and is very off-putting to people looking to become involved
> in the project.

That "sort of response" in fact shows my excellent experience with an 
rpm-based upgrade system, eg, upgrading boxes from FC1 through FC4 using 
yum.  As I said Fedora IS very decent at this already thanks to the 
solid basis of RPM.  If you believe otherwise please elaborate.

> Before you bother flaming, I realize these are very general statements.
> The point is to foster discussion.

If you want to foster discussion, please issue considered argumentation, 
not unreasoned bulletpoints.

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