Help name the test project!

Richard Hally rhally at
Fri Jun 16 02:45:23 UTC 2006

Kevin DeKorte wrote:
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> Will Woods wrote:
>> Hello Fedorans! I need your help.
>> I've started putting info about the Fedora testing project on the wiki -
>> - but I've got a problem.
>> "Fedora Testing" just isn't a very inspiring project name. It's supposed
>> to encompass a lot more than just testing Fedora - it wants to be a
>> project (under the auspices of the Fedora community) to create and
>> promote testing tools and methods for Open Source Software in general.
>> We want to test everything! We want to make "Fedora" and "Open Source"
>> synonymous with "rock-solid". 
>> So "Fedora Testing" just doesn't feel like enough to me.
> FATS - Fedora Automated Test Suite...
> Kevin
Fedora Automated Realistic Test Suite (FARTS)

but seriously, please pick something that at least gives a clue about 
what the project is about. I have no idea (from the name) what mugshot 
or dogtail are about. I know this is against the open source tradition 
of cute or obscure names but real engineering isn't about cute and 


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