strip in rpmbuild

Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at
Sun Jun 25 02:55:01 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-06-24 at 20:25 +0200, Erwin Rol wrote:
> I finally managed to build a mingw32 cross-compiler rpm, but in the end
> get get a large number of non-fatal warning in the form of;
> /usr/bin/strip: Unable to recognise the format of the input file
> `/var/tmp/gcc-mingw32-root/opt/mingw32/i586-pc-mingw32msvc/lib/libmsvcrtd.a(dvmqs00022.o)'
> The question is, how can i control what files are to be stripped and
> what "strip" to use ?

The origin for this problem is rpm bogusly trying to manipulate target
files. The origin is lurking deeply inside of %__os_install_post. 
It invokes brp-strip on files, it should not strip.

I am working around this issue by using customized versions of the
scripts being invoked in __os_install_post.

> PS: is there someone else interested in a linux->windows cross compiler
> SRPM ? 

I am not sure Fedora should support toolchains endorsing proprietary
OSes (Though MinGW is free, the OS underneath is not). I.e. from a
Fedora focused POV all such a cross compiler does is "helping your


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