Assignment of internet keys / media buttons

sean seanlkml at
Wed Mar 29 21:30:03 UTC 2006

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 22:14:42 +0100
Cam <camilo at> wrote:

> Now I'm amazed. I stuggled to find the right mappings and put them into 
> an xmodmap file - only to find that there was a perfectly good 'keyboard 
> model' hidden in gnome-keyboard-properties. (Thanks Sean!)
> I think there are two problems here.
> 1. the name wasn't intuitive enough: "Laptop/notebook Dell Inspiron 
> 6xxx/8xxx". I might have had a chance if the list was presented as a 
> hierarchy, or if it was under Dell or Inspiron.
> 2. it's too easy to choose a working (but incorrect) key model when 
> installing.
> Is this deserving of a bugzilla entry?

An RFE maybe, although maybe it is more appropriate upstream?   I honestly
don't know.

I have run into the problem as well, not knowing which of 10 models actually 
matched the keyboard in front of me.   Not sure how to make it easier unless
each and every keyboard model can be listed explicitly somehow.   

The cat's meow would be to have pictures of each keyboard too; would that 
be legal? 


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