Is there a NFS alternative?

Daniel Yek dyek at
Thu Feb 8 06:55:05 UTC 2007

At 09:13 PM 2/7/2007, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > It was a while ago when I read that NFS was difficult to secure with (the
> > use of) ssh and iptables (or something like that).
> >
> > I really needed an alternative that works and can be made secure. Is GFS a
> > suitable replacement for NFS? If not, what is the closest thing to NFS?
>Is fuse-sshfs a viable alternative?

This is exciting. I briefly scan through several web sites, didn't find any 
information about the perceived delay and fine-grained control of when it 
syncs (ssh / scp out), etc. If the perceived delay on save is minimum -- as 
fast as saving to the local disk, this would be a perfect solution that I 
am looking for. I just need it to cache locally (which fuse-sshfs does) and 
flush/sync when I want it to, or asynchronously in the background so that 
it doesn't bother me with synchronous "delayed return". I can imagine it 
being very useful, but I'll have to give myself time to use it for a while. 
Thanks a bunch.
   yum install fuse-sshfs
   apt-get install sshfs

adduser yourlocalusername fuse
(log out and back in so that it recognizes me as a member of the
group "fuse")

How to mount a filesystem:
 > sshfs hostname: mountpoint

To unmount the filesystem:
 > fusermount -u mountpoint

Daniel Yek

>Others have also mentioned fully-userspace solutions, i.e. giving your apps
>URLs instead of file names. Emacs has been given as an example, but it's not
>the only editor to support this. Most KDE and GNOME apps support sftp:// URLs
>(sftp ioslave in KDE, sftp gnome-vfs plugin in GNOME). Kate can work just 
>with sftp:// URLs, for example.
>         Kevin Kofler

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