F8 kernel-

Christopher Aillon caillon at redhat.com
Mon Mar 10 22:37:57 UTC 2008

On 03/09/2008 08:22 PM, David Boles wrote:
> Andrew Farris wrote:
>> You are aware this was an F8 kernel in question, and not rawhide, 
>> right?  I'm 100% in favor of breakage occurring to rawhide systems, 
>> and I've been using rawhide and testing for years, but more caution is 
>> required for the releases.
> Yes I am and that is a bad thing. However just how would you expect a
> developer to test this kernel on every combinations of hardware out there?
> Is that not what 'testing' repos is for? And I would bet dollars to
> doughnuts that those that are having problems did not test anything.
> Wanna' bet?  ;-)

Um, this entire thread started because the person who had the problem 
(Bojan) noticed the kernel was broken when it was still in the -testing 
repo... and told us that it was broken before it got pushed to the 
stable repo... and asked us not to with reasons why it was broken...

I'll take those doughnuts if you provide enough for everyone.

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