Packages requiring numpy may require a rebuild in f13 and rawhide

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Thu Apr 1 21:36:59 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 12:48 PM, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta at> wrote:
> It was sorted! By build date!  Oldest builds at the top.  I'm working
> on narrowing the list to just things that buildrequire...I'll
> alpanumeric sort that one.

Here is a revised list, sorted for package name, of packages that
probably need a rebuild in both rawhide and F13 according to the
buildtime as seen in the rawhide repository.

The highest impact on the Beta release here is probably pygtk2

Package               FAS Owner
avogadro                 sdz
fonttools                   roozbeh
getdata                     mtruch
gnuplot-py                sergiopr
gnuradio                   mmahut
healpy                      jsmidt
plplot                       orion
pyfits                        sergiopr
pygame                   xulchris
pygrace                   jussilehtola
pygsl                       jamatos
pygtk2                     walters
PyQuante                jussilehtola
PyQwt                     tadej
PySBIG                   mmahut
python-biopython     alexlan
python-cclib             jussilehtola
python-matplotlib      jspaleta
python-Traits           rakesh
rpy                         jamatos
ScientificPython      jspaleta
scipy                      jspaleta
slimdata                 mtruch

And By Owner:
alexlan: python-biopython
jamatos: pygsl,rpy
jsmidt: healpy
jspaleta: ScientificPython, python-matplotlib,scipy
jussilehtola: pygrace,PyQuante,python-cclib
mmahut: PySBIG,gnuradio
mtruch: getdata, slimdata
orion: plplot
rakesh: python-Traits
roozbeh: fonttools
sdz: avogadro
sergiopr:  gnuplot-py,pyfits
tadej: PyQwt
walters: pygtk2
xulchris: pygame

Repoquery commands used :
repoquery -q --repoid=rawhide-source --archlist=src  --whatrequires
numpy --queryformat "%{buildtime}:%{name}"|sort
repoquery -q --repoid=rawhide-source --archlist=src  --whatrequires
numpy-f2py --queryformat "%{buildtime}:%{name}"|sort

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