Process to become package maintainer stalled?

Klaus Grue grue at
Wed Apr 14 07:01:50 UTC 2010


In the process of becomming a package maintainer, the following has 
magically appeared when I log in to my Fedora account:

> To do queue:
> Miscellaneous Tasks
> Download a client-side certificate

I downloaded a certificate April 11, got a reciept by e-mail, and 
used the certificate without problems.

But my to-do queue still tells me to download a certificate.

On April 13, I downloaded two more times so that I now have one 
functioning and two revoked certificates. But the to-do queue still asks 
me to download a certificate.

In addition, I have got a mail April 10 saying:

> Welcome to the Fedora packager group.
> Please continue the process from:
>   Add_Package_to_CVS_and_Set_Owner

But the instructions there say I should wait for a fedora-cvs flag to 
appear in the Bugzilla report for my package (Bug 523715). I can find no 
such flag.

Am I missing something? Or have I ended up in some zombie state in the 
account system? Or should I just show more patience?

Here are my group memberships:
Signed CLA Group
Fedora CLA Group
Fedora Bugs Group
Fedora Packager CVS Commit Group


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