ABRT duplicate detection

Alexander Boström abo at root.snowtree.se
Sun Apr 25 17:56:31 UTC 2010

lör 2010-04-24 klockan 10:37 +0200 skrev Christoph Höger: 

> But if ABRT could detect duplicate crashes
> one could use this to display a workaround or even propose an update via
> packagekit.

It could look in bodhi for packages which claim to fix the bug.
 "Would you like to test a proposed fix for this problem?"
If the update is already installed or obsoleted then it just comments on
the bug as usual.

Also, a week later, if the same user logs in again:
 "Have you experienced any problems with the update of package foo which
  was installed last Tuesday to fix the problem 'Foo borkborks on bar
  when baz'?"


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