Name that Tree!

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Sat Feb 13 18:11:04 UTC 2010

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 16:52:55 +0100,
  Sven Lankes <sven at> wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 07:48:07AM -0800, Jesse Keating wrote:
> >> Why not just call it 13 now, and 14 next time, and so on? It doesn't
> >> really need to have its own name that's always the same... 
> > Mostly because it becomes awkward to talk about things in "13" before 13
> > is released,
> In my world it's the other way around - it's awkward to not talk about
> the current rawhide as F13.

That was my first thought as I have been refering to f13 (and f14) in email
and wiki pages for a while now. But I think there is documentation that
is independent of the specific release and it would be nice to have a
term for that documentation that meant the release that is currently

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