No lzma sdk in fedora

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Sat Feb 13 20:24:22 UTC 2010

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 13:34:13 -0600,
  Bruno Wolff III <bruno at> wrote:
> It seems Lougher added a wrapper for xz about a week ago. I haven't tried it
> out yet, but I think that will likely make it significantly easier for me
> to get 4.1 into rawhide. I won't do this before the alpha, but it might
> be there for the release. (Though not usuable for live images without
> kernel and livecd-tools support.)

Since I was curious I went and tried out a scratch build with the new
feature in the development version and it built cleanly. I haven't tested
functionallity yet, but it looks like for squash-tools I am going to be
moving in another direction and don't need a lib based off the SDK.

So the odds that prerelease 4.1 version of squashfs-tools will make it into
f13 just went up.

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