FESCo wants to ban direct stable pushes in Bodhi (urgent call for feedback)

Garrett Holmstrom gholms at fedoraproject.org
Fri Feb 26 16:36:35 UTC 2010

On 2/26/2010 6:16, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> at the FESCo meeting on Tuesday, everyone except me seemed to be set on
> wanting to disable the possibility to queue updates directly to stable in
> Bodhi. The only reason this was not decided right there (with no outside
> feedback) is that Matthew Garrett (mjg59) wants to write down a precise
> policy (which may end up even more restrictive, like some arbitrary minimum
> time period of testing).

This isn't the cabal handing down yet another policy from their palace 
on high; I think we should try being constructive by at least 
brainstorming ideas for what such a proposal might entail rather than 
blindly speculating about it as though we don't have any input.

One possibility could be allowing pushes to stable if one of the 
following is true:
* Net karma of at least +x
* Positive karma from at least one member of QA or releng
* At least y days have passed since submission to testing

That last case is important for packages with few, if any, testers that 
provide feedback.  I own one of those, for instance.

Updates should at least be allowed to go directly to stable if the 
update is submitted for a push to stable by a QA or releng person.  One 
way I can see this working is the packager creating the update, then 
hopping on IRC and asking someone to submit it for stable.

Now there are probably some glaring issues with the ideas I'm throwing 
around here, but maybe we can use them as a starting point for a policy 
draft that isn't as invasive as some of us seem to fear.

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