Orphaning diveintopython

Julian Aloofi julian.fedoralists at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 7 14:27:47 UTC 2010

I have taken over diveintopython a couple of weeks ago, expecting it to
be pretty easily-maintainable as the book changes very rarely.
Well, looks like I was wrong.
The build process has recently been patched to use xalan-j because saxon
dropped XSLT 1.0 support as far as I understand, and it involves quite a
bit of ant and XML magic.
I don't have much experience in these fields, so I thought I'd better
orphan the package right away before trying to mess with it too much.
It currently FTBFS in Rawhide.

So, I've released ownership of it in pkgdb, feel free to take it if you
think you can fix the build process.

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