libproxy bundles libmodman, upstream splits into two projects. what now?

Ian Weller ian at
Thu Jun 17 13:36:31 UTC 2010

Presently, libproxy bundles libmodman and includes it in the package.

Upstream split libmodman into a separate tarball, and then set up
libproxy to build off of a system version of libmodman if it exists
(otherwise it uses the version that is bundled with it).

Review request for the new libmodman package:
The packager will be sponsored by me, but I'm waiting for this package
to go through.

He also submitted this bug against libproxy:
Which asks the maintainer to upgrade to the version that can optionally
use the system version of libmodman.

And, of course, libmodman conflicts with all previous versions of
libproxy, because there are file conflicts.

Since both of these items basically depend on each other, where should
we go next?

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