Peter Czanik pczanik at
Tue Jun 22 16:50:23 UTC 2010


2010-06-11 18:44 keltezéssel, Doug Warner írta:
> To be honest, maintaining syslog-ng (while I use it all the time) is a
> very
> tiring process; there isn't much "support" for multiple sysloggers in Fedora
> and it was a real pain to get everyone cooperating to make them not have to
> conflict with each other.  I can see why the previous maintainers left the
> syslog-ng package go unmaintained now as well.
> I'll try to work on getting this package updated as I do still prefer
> syslog-ng's syntax over rsyslog even if it has other problems.
I checked but
I don't see any changes. Is there anything more I could help in getting
syslog-ng updated to the latest stable version?

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