To construct a Zope skyscraper on Fedora

Nathaniel McCallum nathaniel at
Fri Jun 25 05:24:12 UTC 2010

On 06/20/2010 05:08 AM, Robin 'cheese' Lee wrote:
> The spec file for each  per-module package I just created is generated
> through a little and nasty script which converts spec files generated by
> setuptools to ones complying with Fedora standards. (The script is too
> nasty to open its source.)
> A better solution is to hack setuptools, and/or distutils, itself to
> generate standard-complying spec files directly. But this may take some
> time.

I've attached a script called zopespec.  zopespec works similarly to 
(and probably could be merged with) rpmdev-newspec.  You run it and give 
it a package name.  This can be zope.copy, zope-copy or zope-copy.spec.

Given the name "zope-copy", zopespec looks up the latest version from, downloads it and extracts a bunch of metadata.  This 
metadata gets substituted into the spec that is created.  It should be 
generally speaking functional, but of course the generated spec needs to 
be reviewed by a human.  Let me know if you have any thoughts.

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