Open Letter: Why I, Kevin Kofler, am not rerunning for FESCo

Bernd Stramm bernd.stramm at
Tue May 4 17:36:51 UTC 2010

On Tue, 04 May 2010 19:10:38 +0200
Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at> wrote:

> Jesse Keating wrote:
> > That's another problem with the poll.  "Adventurous" means different
> > things to different people, so you can't assume that everybody is
> > responding to the same thing.
> "Adventurous" has quite an implication of breakage. A milder term
> would probably have given an even HIGHER percentage for "adventurous"
> updates.

I would like to pick the packages that I'm adventurous with. Currently
that's not very easy, either an adventurousness level is enabled in the
repos or it isn't.  That means my package manager gives me a flood of
updates that I don't want. It would be nice to be able to filter that.
For my objective, that is a package management issue, fedora policy
doesn't need to be changed.

For adventurous bug fixes, perhaps there should be a classification
emergency-because-the-bug-breaks-most-of-the-system, which gets pushed
with extreme priority. Of course this can result maintainers having to
use this classification twice in a row.


Bernd Stramm
<bernd.stramm at>

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