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Tue May 4 19:20:45 UTC 2010

On Tue, 04 May 2010 20:42:18 +0200
Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at> wrote:

> Bernd Stramm wrote:
> > I would like to pick the packages that I'm adventurous with.
> > Currently that's not very easy, either an adventurousness level is
> > enabled in the repos or it isn't.  That means my package manager
> > gives me a flood of updates that I don't want. It would be nice to
> > be able to filter that. For my objective, that is a package
> > management issue, fedora policy doesn't need to be changed.
> What you're asking for is selective updating. This is a very hard
> problem to solve in practice, and in general unsolvable with a single
> repo. It is just impossible, with a single repository, to be able to
> select one type of changes without also accepting unrelated changes.
> Packages depend on each other, the same package receives changes of
> varying nature etc. So I am afraid what you're asking for is
> technically not possible, sorry.

Yes I'm asking for selective updates, I know that. That is a hard
problem, I know. But it is not impossible. 

If the current package management tools don't make it possible, then
the tools can be improved. 

This may not be a goal that packaging people want to address at this
time, that's fine. But it is not impossible, particularly when you
consider that the users of selective updates are being adventurous on


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