How this bug can come out of its dead-end? Any suggestions?!

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Sat May 8 18:15:47 UTC 2010

Hi again,

/*John Reiser <jreiser at>*/ wrote on ‫شنبه ۰۸ مه ۱۰، ۱۹:۵۴:۰۳‬:
> On 05/08/2010 06:31 AM, drago01 wrote:
>> The installation DVD is for installing the system that's it.
> That's only part of it.  There's around 4GB of data, and more than a few
> persons would like to use via PackageKit after the initial install, too.
> I frequently install just the "Internet Desktop", then add other packages
> days or weeks later.
>> Installing software from it afterwards is pointless anyway as updates
>> might cause dep conflicts and or provide newer/fixed versions anyway.
> Updated media are produced by others.  For instance, Fedora Unity produced
> an updated DVD of Fedora 12 as of March 3:
> Using pungi I generate an updated DVD in about half an hour (after
> updating my cache of the .rpm.)
> In many many second- and third-world places outside of larger cities,
> high-speed internet is only a dream.  In the US there are several million
> persons whose fastest internet connection is a 53 Kbit/second dialup
> modem, and tens of millions with only 1.5 Mbit/second DSL.  A physical
> DVD via postal mail (or borrowed from a neighbor) is much faster,
> particularly when something doesn't work correctly the first time.
> Practical progress: Looking at the bug
> (installation
>     media support in PackageKit)
> it seems to me that much of the angst involves split media (mounting
> multiple CDs.)  Why not implement major partial progress by requiring
> that a single platter [only] be mounted before invoking PackageKit?
> Then a DVD or the correct CD (typically one of five or six) succeeds,
> otherwise you get told which platter to mount before trying again
> (perhaps accumulating .rpms in a temporary on-disk repo, etc.)
> This is not a slick-and-shiny-100% solution, but it can work.
Please have a look at the last comments of the bug. Most of the 
implementation is done, the only missing part is how to mount the CD/DVD 
in PackageKit!


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