PackageKit need to be more intelligent!

João Neto joao.gsneto at
Wed May 12 20:58:41 UTC 2010

The system package manager for Fedora to be smarter ...

When the user will get a package like this:

Serch by: Latex Editor (None)

Serch by: PHP IDE (Nothing)

Serch by: Twitter
- Devel packages
- Python packages
- No twitter CLIENTS appear in search!

Serch by: Gtalk
- Nothing!

Serch by: Msn
- Pakage Devel
- AMSN (MSN Only by having the name!)
- Emesene, Kopete, Pidgin, Empathy don`t be on the search result box!

That is, the search is for nothing!
A good example of clever eh package manager of Ubuntu, which shows packages
with graphics and image and description.
Anyone who wants to install development packages it uses GUI tools, eh GUI
for those who want something easy and not a package called
We will improve it :-)

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