Fedora 13 Release Candidate Phase

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Sat May 15 00:42:22 UTC 2010

Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-05-13 at 13:45 -0400, Josh Boyer wrote:
>>> current karma next to each push request? Or maybe Bodhi could be
>>> configured to automatically cancel stable requests when the karma drops
>>> below 0?
>> I can look at doing this on the client side for pushes.  That's a pretty good
>> idea.  Could you file a ticket against bodhi and assign it to me so I don't
>> forget?
> we've pretty much established already that numerical karma is a bad
> concept; I think it'd be better for to automatically rescind the request
> (or warn) if any negative feedback is posted after the push request but
> before the push, never mind what the overall numerical value is.

Jumping in late here... obviously there are some concerns /cancelling/ 
the push. What about improving the tools so that such updates don't get 
pushed in the mass pushes but simply flagged as needing review? That way 
rel-eng could know to actually look at these instead of blindly trusting 
the maintainer, that maybe hasn't had time to react. That way if it is 
something silly, rel-eng can still push it anyway, but there is more 
chance to catch real problems.

This assumes that the % of packages that get negative karma between 
request and push is low, of course, but I would think that is the case.

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