Mono.Cecil and monodevelop

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at
Tue May 18 16:36:23 UTC 2010

On 05/18/2010 10:12 AM, Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> For quite a while the packaging of monodevelop has patched using the
> supplied version of mono.cecil with the one found in gac (which
> according to the mono bods, isn't the right place for it - it is a work
> in progress so should not be considered stable) so that we have one
> version instead of lots of versions.
> The new version of MD ships with a different version of Mono.Cecil to
> the version found in gac and also build a decompiler based on that new
> code (Cecil.Decompiler.dll).
> I have tried a number of ways to build the newest version of MD using
> the gac version of Mono.Cecil but it never works (fails to build at the
> same point).
> As the new MD relies on a version of Mono.Cecil which is newer than the
> version in gac is it permissible to ship MD-2.4 with this newer version?
> The version in gac remains untouched by this new version so other
> applications reliant on the old version will still run.

Wouldn't it make sense to instead update the packaged version of
mono.cecil and fix any older apps?


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