systemd (Was Re: tmpfs for strategic directories)

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at
Thu May 27 07:49:18 UTC 2010

drago01 wrote:

> Well spawing your logic further means we should avoid compiled
> programs at all, what if I want configure $app by editing its source
> code?
> Oh wait it is written in C ...
> If it goes down to "want to edit scripts for configuration reasons"
> (which isn't sane anyway) compared to a faster an cleaner boot process
> I'd opt for the later.
> Seriously source code is NOT and never was intended to be a
> configuration system period.

It's a great advantage to have non-compiled programs on the system which can 
be edited:
 - Debugging packaged python programs
 - Customizing user interfaces
 - Understanding logic and parameters

That's speaking as a developer and someone who does some sysadmin work.

The overhead of a simple scripting language like Lua, awk, Python or Perl is 
minimal compared to the fork cost. You won't notice the difference between a 
Lua startup script and a C one.



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