tor-lsb -- hey, look, package script, don't complain to _me_. I'm just installing you.

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Sun May 30 06:10:35 UTC 2010

On Sun, May 30, 2010 at 01:38:15PM +0800, Chen Lei wrote:
> It's actually the same problem and both caused by the misusing of
> redhat-lsb. The tor package looks very different from other daemons in
> fedora, e.g. vsftpd squid etc, a small package with so many
> subpackages and a metapackage seems quite strange.

I'd really like to separate out that issue -- use or misuse of redhat-lsb,
packaging for generality vs. packaging for fedora -- from this one.

And this one is: packages should not print out messages complaining about
the state of other packages in Fedora. That's not the right process for
solving those issues. If redhat-lsb is broken, there's a procedure for
dealing with that, and it isn't "give confusing warnings to the end users!"

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