Meego in Fedora repos?

Chen Lei supercyper1 at
Mon May 31 09:59:56 UTC 2010

2010/5/31 Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at>:
> Thanks for the offer. The initial release of qt-mobility seems to need
> 4.6.x and does compile against the Qt in Fedora. I presume they'll
> bring it up to support 4.7 sometime before long. I'm still reviewing
> the requirements so I'm not exactly sure what they are but I'll
> certainly let you know when I know more.
> Peter
> --

I somehow a bit worry about meego spin in fedora when considering some
compents in meego are forked, now mutter-mbl conflicts with mutter, it
may be unacceptable for F14 which will use gnome3 as default desktop.

Chen Lei

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