Plan for tomorrow's FESCo meeting (2010-11-17)

Miloslav Trmač mitr at
Sat Nov 20 21:42:57 UTC 2010

Adam Williamson píše v So 20. 11. 2010 v 13:34 -0800: 
> Also remember that if it's a leaf package which isn't important to
> critpath functionality it won't be critpath, and so the only requirement
> is that the package meets the karma threshold you set when submitting
> the update (which can be as little as +1), *or* that it waits for a week
> in updates-testing. And if it's as non-critical a package as you say,
> then waiting a week for an update isn't going to hurt anything.
I personally can say that the week-long delay significantly diminishes
my enjoyment of backporting patches into existing Fedora releases.

Being able to spend 30 minutes fixing a bug for an user and getting an
immediate feeling of accomplishment is much better than spending 30
minutes fixing a bug and then ... nothing; I could just as well spend
only 15 minutes fixing the bug upstream and not bother to create a patch
for an update.

Sure, the users will get the bug fixes eventually, when a next Fedora
release is made.  Sure, I should be able to overcome my feelings and
just do what is right for the users.  Yet, when I'm deciding how to
spend my free time, it doesn't quite work that way; not always.

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