bugzilla bugzappers?

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Mon Nov 22 09:51:41 UTC 2010

fre 2010-11-05 klockan 12:53 +0000 skrev "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson":

> Reports came in --><-- Auto responce reply back to the reporter --> QA 
> verified try to duplicate bug --> Bug set to maintainer --> Bug stayed 
> like that until EOL....

You forgot

Bug was actually fixed from upstream relase, but the maintainer
overlooked the bugreport when doing the update as there is no
integration between update process and bugzilla reminding maintainers
there is open bug reports for their package.

What I'd like to see as maintainer is:

* A reminder about open bugs when making an update.

* The ability to easily ping bug reports from an update request, asking
for the bug to be retested on the update while in updates-testing.
Similar to how confirmed bugs can be pinged but without directly linking
those bugs as fixed by the update.

* Enabling those who retest bugs as a result of this to add their bug as
fixed by the update and positive karma on the update.

* Filter karma assignments so testers don't give negative karma on the
update if the update as such works but do not fix their bug (not
explicitly listed as fixed by the update).

Suggested method:

* automatically list open bug reports as a comment in the update request
template, notifying the maintainer about their presence.

* A new update field where maintainer can populate for possibly fixed
bugs. When the update is filed those bugzilla reports gets an update
notice similar to that added on fixed bugs, but not otherwise included
in automatic bug closing etc.

* In the bugzilla notice there is a link to provide feedback on the
update, automatically including the bug #.

* New bug # field when providing update feedback, linking update
feedback to relevan bugreports.

* Slight adjustment of karma to provide choices "Works for me", "Problem
still present" and "New problems seen"

* "Works for me" is a +1, and also adds the refereced bug as fixed by
the update if not already in the list of fixed bugs.

* "Problem still present" is a -1 if the bug is listed as fixed.
Otherwise a +/-0.

* "Regression causing new problems" is a -1, and requires a comment
explaining the issue and explicit confirmation that the issue is not
seen in earlier version.

* All three choices automatically update any referenced bugzilla # with
the status and comment, avoiding the need to use both tools to keep
track of the bug status.


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