Please remember to update rawhide

Tom Lane tgl at
Thu Sep 2 13:22:37 UTC 2010

Harald Hoyer <harald at> writes:
> On 09/02/2010 03:02 AM, Kyle McMartin wrote:
>> FESCo has heard a few complaints of cases where packages were newer (in
>> some cases several versions newer) in F-14 than in rawhide. So this is
>> just a friendly reminder that you should be updating rawhide

> Well, can't we automatically forbid to build a package, if the version is higher 
> than the existing version in higher Fedora _base_ releases?

That would get in the way of a number of useful cases.  For instance,
what if you try to launch builds for several branches in parallel, and
one of the back branches happens to execute first?

What I think would be useful would be to extend the broken-dependency
nagbot so that it also nags if you have a back-branch that's NVR-newer
than any later branch.

IOW: nag good, preventing people from doing their work bad.

			regards, tom lane

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